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Here’s how to add a Bluetooth audio connection to any car
stereo for under $10.

Step 1: Remove and Disassemble the Radio

Picture of Remove and Disassemble the Radio

I’ll be demonstrating this on my 2004 Toyota Camry with a basic CD AM/FM radio.

The first thing to do is remove the stereo.

Remove a bunch of screws from the outside of the casing to
reveal the motherboard.

muadibe4 months ago
I wish I could do this. Well done though.
gm28010 months ago
I like your post, but it is a little ambitious for folks that don't have as much knowledge about their radio system that you do. I could do it because I am a engineering technician. but this could get some folks in a lot of trouble and maybe even ruin their system. Just saying.
tytower gm28010 months ago
Don't have to have a degree to understand something .Lots of audiophiles out there . Many more than you realise thats why all you read in electronic magazines is audio stuff
speedkar9 (author)  gm28010 months ago
I agree, this hack isn't for everyone, but for those who can follow along, it might prove to be a learning experience as it was for me. There is no hurt in trying....the worse is you're out a new radio.
this is so sickkk, I've always wanted to do this to my car, but then it broke so I can't do that anymore. love the toothbrush btw.
speedkar9 (author)  Peaches and Plums10 months ago