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Here's how to hack an auxiliary input to your car’s stereo:

Adding a 3.5mm jack is the cheapest way to get a clear audio signal from your phone to your car’s stereo, without having to worry about distortion or interference with a cassette adapter or FM transmitter, aftermarket radio wiring, or expensive MP3 adapters.

Step 1: Disassemble the Dashboard

Picture of Disassemble the Dashboard

The first thing is to remove the radio from the dash.

The console lid, radio side trims, driver’s lower foot-well cover (under the steering wheel) glove-box and clock need to be removed to get at the radio screws.

The side panel screw on either side is hidden behind the glove box and driver’s footwell panel.

infoathumcabs5 months ago
May be useful for my drivers too ;)
Lee Wilkerson5 months ago
All good, but it is a mistake to exclude a DPDT switch or its electronic equivalent to isolate different sources from one another. Probably a good thing to load the input circuit with about 1K Ohm/channel, too.
I made this same type of modification to several 2000 series Delcos in the 80s. Connected to a pair of home speakers, it was truly amazing the quality I got from them.