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Picture of Glow Balloons
This Instructable will help you out if you are in the market for making balloons glow! You can use glow balloons as night lights, fun party additions, or lanterns that glow in your swimming pool! The process is really simple, all you need are balloons and glow sticks!

Warning: balloons can be a choking hazard for young children, use correct supervision!
Warning: if the glow stick breaks- do not ingest the liquid!

This project should cost around $3 and take under 5 minutes to complete.

Glow Sticks
(1/1 ratio- however many balloons you want to make!)

Step 1: Step 1: Snap Glowstick

Picture of Step 1: Snap Glowstick
Take the glowstick and start gently bending it to allow the crystals inside to snap and begin glowing. Once you have snapped it a few times shake it around to allow the glowing liquid to fill the stick.
wilgubeast5 years ago
Quick, simple, and not prone to suddenly catching fire. Cool idea. Check out to see a similar project.