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Picture of Gill Net
Gill nets are used mainly to catch fish. This is a very affective way of hunting because this can be left in the sea/river/lake for a long time, while you are doing something elsewhere.

The gill net works by catching fish from its gills. As the current sweeps the fish towards the net the fish have no choice but to pass through it and get caught by their gills, as the fish start to try to get out, they only make it worse by getting tangled up in the net.

The size of the gill net is up to you to choose, since different bodies of water require diffrence sized nets. So in this instructable there is shown a small section of netting, but it is the bases for any sized net you wish to make.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
There are many options of cord to make a gill net, but the best options are nylon type cords because these work better in water and last longer. Paracord can be used for the whole project as it can be used for the suspension line and the inner cords can be used for the construction of the net.

-Scissors or knife.

To burn off any ends.

azraeem1 year ago

Good instruction for coastal fishing diy

Great survival skill.