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Picture of Giant Indoor Bubble Blower (One-way Valve)

Simple one-way valve bubble blower inflates giant soap bubbles with your lungs! This is a great way to make big bubbles inside since it's small and much less messy. These directions are for the valve blower only, many soap recipes can be found here on Instructables. Soap Bubble Wiki also has great recipes.


  • Plastic drink bottle and cap. Avoid fizzy drinks because the pressure deforms the cap. You'll want a cap that's nice and flat.
  • Stiff plastic foil. Thick potato chip bags and other plastic food packaging work well. You'll want something thats un-crumpled, smooth, flexible and springy. This will form the valve.
  • String / yarn that absorbs soap. Shoelaces work great!


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (low temp)
  • Sharpie
  • Something to make holes in the bottle-cap. You can use an awl, X-Acto knife or drill.

This is a quick project using cheap abundant materials and simple tools. You might need to make a few to get the hang of it. I recommend having a few bottles on hand for practice.

Step 1: Preparing the Bottle

Picture of Preparing the Bottle
  • Mark a line around 3.5 inches down from the top of the bottle cap. Don't make it too short otherwise your hands might pop the bubbles later. I like propping a sharpie to the right height and rotating the bottle.
  • Once the line is drawn, trim the bottle to the line and recycle the bottom. If the bottle is thin enough you can use scissors for this.
  • Glue the string to the edge of the bottle using a low temp glue gun. If the glue is too hot you can burn your fingers and melt the bottle. Trim the string once it makes a complete loop. Make sure it's glued all around and is not messy since the bubbles will form here.
BrianCrouch made it!2 years ago

Enjoyed crafting according to original instructions, using yarn hotglued onto the bottle, and foil wrapper for one way valve, worked great.
I experimented a bit for a method for an upcoming summer group of kids to make as a craft, with less teacher supervision. With this variation on Stefan's idea, I used a single straw through the plastic bottle cap (hotglue to seal), melted one end of straw with a lighter, curving it a bit, so that it made kind of a "reed valve" (I used a Perrier bottle: in future will use something more bell shaped, with less of a slope). In place of glued string I used some old cloth and put a rubber band over the fabric. Stefan's works better but this is intended for a group of 4th graders and limited adult supervision time available for hot glue guns).

deluges2 years ago

Nice! I'll keep this in mind for the next time my little cousins are around

This is Awesome!!! Love it :-)

That's some pretty impressively large bubbles.