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Step 8: Interior Plastic Layer

Picture of Interior Plastic Layer

Before the fan was hung, but after the bracket and conduit were in place, I added the internal layer of plastic to the structure. For this, I started with a 20' square piece of 4 mil poly film. Because of the way that it was folded, it was easy to located the center and place it over the fan mounting. A short length of plastic lathing was attached over each of the five central struts to anchor the plastic. This had to be done while carefully supporting the connections from inside the cascading plastic to prevent the weight of the piece from pulling itself down before it was fully anchored. Once these attachments were made I no longer had to worry about it crashing down around me while I worked on it.

I worked my way down from center, one tier at a time, tacking a small piece of lathing below each hub and pleating where necessary to take up any slack that appeared as it curved down. As long as I didn't try to move down before every attachment at a given level was complete I didn't have too much trouble molding my plastic to the concave surface. I was impressed by how little I needed to overlap this way.

Once I ran out of plastic at the bottom edges, I started at the door and added 10' tall x 20' wide pieces of plastic around the sides until I had worked my way completely around. These were a bit trickier, and I ended up with a few pockets where I couldn't push the plastic out to all of the hubs.

When I replaced the the interior plastic I first put up reflective radiant barrier on the north side. Then, after putting up the top plastic piece, I attached the bottom pieces near the bottom set of hubs (at ~3' high) first and then pleated upwards, which worked better. I don't have pictures of this second covering effort, though.