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Picture of Fun Stuff to Do With a Rubber Band

Hi there!

Everyone probably knows these things, but I like having several tutorials in one instructable(it saves me from doing all the work :P).

For the stuff in this instructable, you'll need:

A rubber band(duh)

Two hands

A target - a human is preferable, but a cardboard box will suffice...JK ;)

Step 1: Shooting Rubber Bands

Picture of Shooting Rubber Bands
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You probably know how to shoot a rubber band pretty well. However, there is one method of shooting that will never let you down- the pistol method.

The pistol method is pretty simple. All you do is grab the band with your pinky(of your better hand) and make a gun shape, pull it around the base of your better hand's thumb, and slip it onto your better hand's gun barrel end. To shoot your rubber band, just aim your gun and uncurl your pinky.

(Because I'm a visual kind of guy, the directions might not be crystal-clear. If you have a better way of saying all this stuff(because there probably is), PLEASE, tell me in the comments!)

lol good instruction and face