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Picture of Fly Tying Station
A quick and simple DIY fly tying station.

Step 1: Measure and cut your supplies.

Picture of Measure and cut your supplies.
1 x Pine Laminated Board ¾” x 12” x 36” – Cut in half so your station will be approx. 18” long (you can make two)

1 x Pine 1”x2” x 6’ cut as follows:  1x 18” (length of your station), 2 x 12” (width of your station) and 4 x 2” pieces (for the legs)

1 x 1/8” 36’ long dowel (will be cut on demand)

15 x #6 1” wood screw

White Glue.
Any one have any good ideas for a homemade fly tying vise?
triumphman6 years ago
How do you get the fly to stay still while tying it ? Does it hurt the fly ?
If your question is serious...
Fly tying is a euphemism, in saying "fly" we are talking about the lure used in a rig with a "fly" rod. the reason we call the lures flies, is because we want to fool the fish into thinking that they are flies, that we will even call them by such a name. A fly is typically tied with little more than a hook, thread, and feathers. If you are still interested, i would suggest checking out a book or googling "fly tying for beginners" or "fly fishing for beginners".

If you were kidding... good job! you got me!!
...either way we need a sarcasm font...