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Step 9: Wiring-up the Circuit

The case should now have all of the components added to it ready for wiring. Wire for some odd reason takes up a fair amount of space inside a case so you should try to make the wires a short as possible. Also, it's good practice to be able to remove the circuit board out of the case so you can fix any issues with the connections if necessary.


1. Place the circuit board inside the case. Also place the battery in the case to make sure you have enough room for everything.

2. Start to connect each of the compents to the wires on the circuit board. Take your time and make sure that each wire is connected correctly.

3. Trim the excess wire before soldering onto each component.

4. If you want to add an audio amp and volume pot - check out the next step.

4. Once all the wires are connected add the battery and test. If nothing happens, you'll have to check over your connections and see if any are incorrect. If it works then congrats, you have made your very own fizzle loop synth. Now to add the knobs and work out how this thing works