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Step 6: Making the Circuit - IC Timer 3

Picture of Making the Circuit - IC Timer 3

555 IC 3 is the timer that gives you your tunes. It's actually a basic light thermin based on the slidersynth by Deno which I have also built here. I've taken it a few steps further with the fizzle loop synth but basically it uses the same concepts. I'll go through a few highlights of this section of the build


1. There's a 10K pot that is connected to pin 6 and ground. This is used to control the overall pitch of the synth. You could use a 5K pot as well for this section. Just experiment and work out what works best for you.

2. You will also notice that there is a momentary switch connected to the vactol on the 2nd IC and also connected to pin 7 on IC 3. This momentary switch should always be on and is only off when you push it down. It changes the tone when pushed down

3. After experimenting a little I worked out that connecting pins 3 on both both IC 2 and 3 you can get an interesting drum type sound. Adding a switch to this section allows you to change between rythum and drums.

4. Lastly I included a 3.5mm jack socket. This allows you to plug it into an amp for a louder sound. I definitly suggest you add an output socket so you can really pump up the volumne.