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Step 5: Making the Circuit - IC Timer 1 and 2

Picture of Making the Circuit - IC Timer 1 and 2

As mentioned earlier, I'm not going to go through a step by step process on how to add each component to the circuit. I'm going to assume you have put circuits together and my schematic makes some sense. I will go through a few interesting parts of building this section of the circuit. The first 2 timers are pretty much identical in how they are connected to the board. The only difference is a switch connected to the 2nd IC.


You may have noticed that there is an LED by itself, connected to pin 3, along with the vactol. This LED acts as a visual when creating tunes and flashes at the same time as the LED inside the vacrol


You'll need to add wires to the circuit board which will be connected to the pots and switches later on. I use computer ribbon cable wire for this as it's strong, thin and you can pick it up for free at most ewaste recycle places. Add all of the wires to the circuit board first and make sure you give yourself enough length on each as they will need to be connected later on once the circuit is completed.

Adding the Vactrol

1. Solder the legs of the LED's and LDR directly to the prototype board

2. Ensure that the LED legs are facing down and the positive leg is closest to the timer

3. Connect the positive LED leg to pin 3 and the ground to ground on the prototype board

4. Connect one of the legs of the LDR to positive, the other will be connected to pin 6 on 555 timer 3

Check out the next step on how the caps are attached to the SPDT switches