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Step 4: Making a Vactrol


1. Cut a small length of heat shrink tube. The LED and photo cell need to be able to fit inside snuggly. You also want to have a little excess heat shrink so you can pinch it together once heated and ensure no light can enter the vacrol.

2. Place the LED into the heat shrink with the legs facing out and also do the same for the photo cell. Make sure that they are touching inside the heat shrink. Also mark the ground leg on the LED so you know which one is which

3. Heat the heat shrink and start to shrink it. Start with the LED end first and when it has shrink enough, grab some pliers and flatten the end of the heat shrink so it is sealed shut.

4. Do the same for the LDR

5. Make 2 of these

6. That’s it! You have made an important component to the fizzle loop synth