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Step 11: Adding the Knobs and How to Play the Synth

Picture of Adding the Knobs and How to Play the Synth

The final part of the build is to add some knobs to the build. You are now ready to start experimenting and making some awesome sounds.

Check out the image attached which shows what each knob and switch does.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different capacitor values on the switches or different resistor values on the LED’s. These are a tonne of different options on these parts and you can get many different sounds by changing them. You could also look at changing the potentiometer values as well, which would give you a different range of sounds.

You could even add another flashing LED 555 timer and tie this into the light Theremin 555 timer (timer 3 on the schematic). Maybe add a switch to each 555 timer so you can turn it off or no.

There are a tonne of mods you could do, so make sure you try some different set-ups before you build your own

Can you tell me anything about the flashlight and the diameter of the lens? I would love to find this for a project I’m working on. I’m finding similar things on eBay but the blank front of this one makes it perfect for adding knobs.
ilmuri5 months ago
Mebbe an option to sync this with an external ldr to a tempo led of a drum machine?
Critifur5 months ago
I love this if only because it looks to be a prop from a 50's sci fi movie. So cool!