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Picture of Fix a Punctured Tire

This weekend we found ourselves in a predicament. One of us picked up a nail in our tire. Ordinarily, the tire would be patched by professionals because we rarely know what we're doing. However, since this tire is going to be replaced in two months anyway, we thought we would take a stab at patching it on our own.

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools

We aren't used to projects that don't involve numerous trips for tools and supplies. This repair is so simple that it only cost $9 in stuff we didn't already have. You really only need three things:

Beagles8 months ago
When you ream the hole, push it all the way through the tire, the same with your plug so when it is released the plug sits midway in the hole (length wise). Otherwise there is nothing to grip the plug and keep it in place. You may find that the rubber style plugs seal better than those rope styles you show. Also, pay attention to the angle that screw/nail enters the tire.........makes it much easier to follow the same path..

Borculo1 year ago

In the Netherlands this is called Plugging.

And its strictly forbidden to use this method off repairing.

The tyre has to been patch't up from the inside.