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This build took me 60+ hours to complete and most of the costume was created from scratch and hand painted. I came close to winning a $5,000 grand prize in NYC but was beaten out be a giant robotic pumpkin monster...I will forever dislike anything pumpkin related :)

The small details of this build are what make it so special to me. The heart pendant for example took most of the time to finish through much trial and error. It is constructed using a mountable wall fishbowl with two PC processor fans in it that toss around white beanbag filling. Finding the correct filling to achieve the over effect of a working cyborg heart took some time.

The build is completely hand painted, and I think is what sets this costume apart from others. The fins alone were constructed from scratch using liquid latex and then painted.

The overall look at the end once all of the moving parts and LED's where lit up surprised even myself. The costume was a favorite this Halloween season and I hope you like it as well and that maybe it even inspires your creativity as well!

My sister is going through some devastating medical problems so this creation provided me with a long-term creative outlet for me to explore.







PC Graphics processor fans (x2)

2 9v batteries

2 9v battery on/off cases

General wiring

A clear wall-mounting fish bowl

Industrial Shower Hosing

Acrylic Paint

Various car chrome accent pieces

Beanbag filling Mini LED strip

Head-mounted red LED lights


1) Remove the graphics processor fan from processor

2) Wire the fan up to a 9v battery case

3) Wrap the hanging fishbowl with industrial shower hosing

4) Mount (hot glue) the fans to the interior bottom of fish bowl so that the fans will be able to scoop up and throw the bean bag filling easily.

5) Glue to the back of the fishbowl mini LED battery pack strip around back perimeter

6) Fill the fishbowl with mini-beanbag filling and fire her up to test! (BE CAREFUL the beanbag balls will first fly everywhere until to enclose the top piece of fishbowl)

7) Design an enclosure for the top of the open fishbowl. I used chrome car accents and flexible chrome strip to be able to open and close. ***IMPORTANT*** Make sure however you close off the top of the fishbowl that the inside is still accessible in case you have to remove beanbag filling causing a motor-stall. 8) Hang it around the neck to desired length (I used prop plastic chrome chain).

mtairymd2 years ago

That's awesome...very artistic.

eternalskyjump (author)  mtairymd2 years ago

mtairymd, I just checked out your puzzle box, that is genius, love it!


eternalskyjump (author)  mtairymd2 years ago

Thanks @mtairymd! Took a LONG time lol

Yes your Fishman alien Cyborg costume was legit I immediately loved it
when i saw you at Webster Hall on Halloween night. A work of art
indeed!... Check the link provided below you and I are in the video.

Thanks Lagatek Produktionz! Your build was awesome as well, spectacular lights. If you still have it and are based in NYC I'd love to team up at some point and shoot some aerial photography (I fly a drone and am an aerial photographer as well) of you on a NYC rooftop or on a beach at some point in your costume!

Thank you eternalskyjump! I am based in New Jersey only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the city. I would love to join you on a photo-shoot at some point in the near future, I love the Idea of a rooftop and beach alike. My creation was all trial and error so after the NYC and Webster hall run I learned a lot about the errors that held up pretty good I must add, however I am in the process of touching up the costume from being bumped into at the parade and Webster Hall. Once I give the Cyborg an overhaul I will let you know and take it from there. Thank you so very much for your input and offer, Mr. Awesome Fishman Alien Cyborg. Can't wait to see more of your creations. Pleased to meet you.
seamster2 years ago

I love original costumes like this. Great to see all the techniques you used!

Got a vote from me :)

You should enter this into this other contest as well!

eternalskyjump (author)  seamster2 years ago

Thank you seamster, for the tip and the vote! I entered the headpiece contest as well!