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Picture of External Boot Release

Whilst the Subaru Liberty is an awesome car the lack of an external boot release button on the sedan is really annoying. The boot can be opened from the remote via the central locking system, but this requires pressing and holding a button which isn’t the easiest thing to do when your hands are full. So, after a bit of work I was able to add an external boot release button to my car in a way that is both simple enough as well as safe enough to have running all the time and with no additional power draw (except when unlocking).

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools


· Trim removal tools and other tools to remove the panels of your car (e.g. Socket sets, screwdrivers)

· Multimeter

· Pliers

· Wire cutters

· Wire Strippers

· Drill and drill bits (step bits are useful)

· Soldering iron with solder

· Hot glue gun with hot glue

· Blowtorch/heat gun to shrink heatshrink tubing


· Prototyping board

· Mechanically latching relay (eg. Jaycar Cat. No. SY4060)

· Locking/latching polarised 2 pin connectors (e.g. JST-XH latching PCB mount connectors)

· Wire (in decent lengths)

· Momentary pushbutton switch (eg. Jaycar Cat. No. SP0656) This switch must be weatherproof and must be rated for at least 3 amps, otherwise a lower rated pushbutton can be used to switch an additional SPST relay (eg. Jaycar Cat. No. SY4066)

· Standard diode rated at least 3 amps

· Electrical tape

· Cable ties

· Electronic boot release (if your vehicle doesn't come with one already)