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Picture of Escape Room

We built this room as part of our Halloween party. The goal was to make everything without much investing into something we didn't have at home. It must be equally challenging for school age kids and their parents. It had to be creepy enough, but not too scary for younger children. And, obviously, we were entertaining a bunch of smarty pants.

The ideal space for such a room was a tiny washroom in our basement. It had no windows, could fit a team of three players and would sustain some extra holes drilled for locks here and there.

Step 1: Main Lock

Picture of Main Lock

To lock the room, we used an old bike word combination lock with a 4 letter combination. The setup allowed us to lock the players from outside and to have that lock accessible to them from the inside through a narrow opening.

mretuck23 days ago
Great post! Thanks for sharing!
MightyMax991 month ago
Im looking for some ideas for an escape room i can setup at my next family get together 90% of my family has never done an escape room. wanna show them what its like
LaurenW8511 months ago

this is a really cool idea for an escape party!

1 more thing:

Where can I get a five digit letter lock like the one you have? I've only seen locks that have numbers or don't include the word robot. Can you help me out?

Huh... I guess I'll have to find one. From all the ones I've seen none of them have the word "Robot" on them. I'll have to look into it. Let me know if you find one.

I'm not sure I remember where it came from. All locks I used were already there - some from our bikes, others from shed and school lockers. There's an example:

Can you respond to this and say what the passwords and the codes to all the locks? As an example, tell us what the sign language is and what "That's a piece of pie, baby" tells us about the locks codes. What are the codes for each lock? I think this project is really cool!

Sign language letters: R, B, T. That leads to the letter/digit lock with password "R0B0T" (where 0=zero in a 'compuer' slashed manner).

Money box lock: 314 ("piece of pie", π=3.14...).

Main lock says "RISK".
MrsKrough1 year ago

What is included with the PDF download?

olivia45tv1 year ago
what age is it for
blooming_fern (author)  olivia45tv1 year ago
We had four groups of players. Kids 8-10, kids 8-13, young adults and academics (university profs). All players had fun, younger kids used more hints, young adults used more time, and the fastest cracker was a 13 y.o. air cadet who literally knew Morse code by heart.
olivia45tv1 year ago
dont do it in your home when you said it in your basement with no windows it sounds creepy not in the good way

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hopelaaiva1 year ago

Is the guy who made this online?

hopelaaiva1 year ago

Are you online?

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syuq092 years ago
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rachelallan3 years ago

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amandaggogo3 years ago

That's pretty awesome!

0503043 years ago


I love puzzle rooms. They are so much fun.