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Picture of Electric Kazoo

How to make an easy electric kazoo! I've tried several different ways to electrify a kazoo, all with mixed results, as the hardware inside the kazoo can dampen the sound or narrow the range in which the kazoo will 'buzz'. This method, I've found, results in a very dynamic, responsive noisemaker that all of your friends and neighbors will never get sick of!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

-8" jumbo kazoo

-1/8" female jack

-35mm piezo disk



-hot glue

-super glue

-plastic cap


tinyweasel9 months ago
Ditto, show us an Instructable for the pink thing!
I'm more interested in how you made that Barbie boombox.
fx810 months ago
Hi, nice project! I'm plannig to make a contact mic with amplifier and I was wondering can I use the same circuit as yours which is controlling the Barbie Boombox Delay?
Kdemon10 months ago
Awesome gazoo music!
Matlek10 months ago
JackANDJude10 months ago
Sweet! I was going to ask you how to make one, and now I see your 'ible on the feature page. Cheers. :)
What a fun idea! Do you have a video or audio clip of how it sounds?
Ok Housecat (author)  Penolopy Bulnick10 months ago
Yep! Just posted it with the last step :D
Haha! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing the video :)