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Picture of Easy Steampunk Goggles

Hey! First 'Ible, So feel free to send useful/polite comments. Criticism Is welcome, rudeness is not.

Ok, lets get started! These are meant to be made in a day or two, so they are intentionally simple. You can hotglue, superglue, gorilla glue, or whatever any doodads you like to the finished product if you want.

Most of all, be safe.

Second most of all, have fun!

Step 1: The bulky part

Picture of The bulky part

Gotta get your goggle foundation, and the easiest way is a pair already made up that can be modded without too much work.

What you need:
--Goggles. I got a 2 pack of welding goggles from my favorite single-use tool store, but any inexpensive goggles can work.

--Gold or brass spraypaint. Mine was Krylon, but other general purpose brands work fine.

--Black spraypaint.

--gold paint pen.

That's all I used, like I said: simple.

These will be lovely for my Horuss Zahhak cosplay. The goggles are all that need to be done (aside from fixing up his horns and wig lol). Here's a fanart of him for reference. I can mod the goggles a bit further to fit the whole headpiece. Can't wait to try these! I've got a con coming up next month, Castle Point Anime Convention in New Jersey, so these will definatly be the finishing touch to my lovely boy!!

Dray Co1 year ago

I love this idea.

I'm thinking of doing something steampunk for Halloween (which is still ages away tho) and this definatly helped me.

don572 years ago

Nicely done, your filigree work on the main body really
makes them pop.

So nice and looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

Swansong2 years ago

These look really nice, I love the scroll work you painted on the sides.

Really Great! I like how straightforward it is, and has such a great appearance!