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Picture of Easy Pallet Coffee Table

Hi, in this instructables, I will show you how I made my pallets coffee table.

You will need:

1 or 2 pallets.

1 beam (~200 cm).

Wood glue.

1 compressed wood plate.


Miter saw.

Circular saw.

Think safety first! Use gloves and protection glasses to avoid injury!

Step 1: Find Pallets and Cut Them Down.

Picture of Find Pallets and Cut Them Down.
Palette découpe rapide.png
Planche découpée.png

Find pallets and cut them down.

Depending of the size you want your table to be, you can go faster by cutting pallet's plank with the circular saw like on the drawing, cut on the red line(only small planks needed and this way you will not have nail holes). Keep at least 2 long planks for the side.

Cut the planks at 45° to do the patern on the table like on the second drawing.

For the center planks, you can cut them like an arrow.

Send all your planks.

dudus8 months ago
What a nice table!
LaurentP21 (author)  dudus8 months ago
Thank you! Still using it everyday, 2 years after creation :-)
mollux2 years ago

That's a beautiful way to make a coffee table top! I'm wondering about the legs though, are they secure enough just glued on like that? Wouldn't they need some sort of bracing? I'm not sure, I'm just asking.

LaurentP21 (author)  mollux2 years ago

Think you! It is super strong. I can sit on, there's no problem. Glued surface is quite big. 8cmx8cm for the top and it is also glued on the side plank. Forgot to say it in the instructables but, put heavy weight (did it with 2 sand bags of 25kg each ) on the table for 24h when gluing the legs.

I used pattex wood glue :

eyeguy62 years ago

Your design is great, but your how to is lacking a ton of info.

LaurentP21 (author)  eyeguy62 years ago

I have added information and drawings. Do not hesitate to say what you don't understand.

LaurentP21 (author)  eyeguy62 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. English is not my first language and it is not easy to have the good words.

I will try to add some more informations.

MarianneD242 years ago

Beautiful work!

LaurentP21 (author)  MarianneD242 years ago

Thank you :-)

I really like your design. Thanks for sharing
LaurentP21 (author)  ClenseYourPallet2 years ago

Thank you. It is easy to made and way more beautifull than lines parallel to sides.

Swansong2 years ago

That's beautiful :)

LaurentP21 (author)  Swansong2 years ago

Thank you !