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Picture of Easy 2 Ingredients Slime Using Glue and Sugar

Hello, today i'm going to teach you how to make two ingredients simple slime with the activator being sugar. I know that sounds like a weird activator but it really works. SImple results believe me when I tested it out i suprised me too

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials


Powdered Sugar

Something to stir in

Something to stir with

Potato_Chey17 days ago
I tried making it and it did not work. It was easily ripped and very sticky. I added a little bit of soap and I think that the soap made it a little bit better, except for it made it stickier. When I just added the 2 ingredients, it was also not staying together very well.......Please do not take this to offence! I am not trying to be rude..! Maybe you should add a couple more ingredients that are normally, always around the house!

Slimer girl4 months ago
It worked
ive not tryed it yet but i might but does it acctually wok because i dont want to waste anything

can you also add food colouring or make it edible


Wow it actually work that is amazing

cutiem made it!1 year ago

This turned out great :) It was a bit sticky so I added some beads and to me it looked and felt really cool.The only thing is it leaves kind of a damp mark on your hands.