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Picture of EVA Foam Tiki God Costume Remix Contest

For the Remix contest I chose to make the Tiki God Eva Foam Costume by AP3D...

Step 1: Supplies

What you'll need:

  • EVA foam sheets (a pack of four, in the form of interlocking relief floor mats)
  • heat gun
  • hot glue gun (with LOTS of glue sticks, more than a bag)
  • scissors
  • box cutter/extra blades
  • masking tape
  • pins
  • Contact cement
  • Plastidip spray (or a lot of Mod Podge or wood glue), and a respirator if you choose to use Plastidip
  • cutting mat
  • straight edge for measuring and cutting, preferably clear
  • pencil, permanent markers
  • medium grit sand paper
  • one grass skirt
  • one tiki torch, burner removed
  • a piece of plastic canvas (to cover the eye window)
  • several battery operated tea lights
  • toile (netting) fabrics in orange and yellow, approximately 1 yard each
  • acrylic paint (medium brown, dark brown, black) - NOTE: medium brown can either come in a can from a paint store, such as house paint (I used part of a 32oz. can of Rustoleum Ultra Cover in Kona Brown gloss), or in the small bottles from the paint section at the craft store, in which case you'd need 3-4 bottles. Dark brown and black, one bottle each.
  • acrylic craft paints in facial colors of your choosing
  • Old, stiff paint brushes that you can really mess up - one a couple of inches wide, one about 3/4 inch wide
  • Tap light
  • short flashlight
  • rubber band
KerryL252 years ago
Great work!!
indeepknit (author)  KerryL252 years ago
Thank you!! ?
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There's a question mark where my happy emoji should be. Huh.

indeepknit (author) 2 years ago

Next morning, noticing all the autocorrect typos! LOL! I'll edit typos when I'm allowed to, after the contest I guess :)