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This WiFi relay based on AI-Thinker ESP-01/ 01S WiFi module, we use the GPIO0 of ESP-01/ 01S to control the relay by low level. It’s easy to DIY your smart switch to any device by your phone anywhere with this smart relay.


  • Working voltage: DC 5V-12V
  • Working current: ≥250mA
  • Communication: ESP01 or ESP 01S
  • WiFi module Transmission distance: the maximum transmission distance is 400m (open environment, mobile phone equipped with WiFi module)
  • Load: 10A/ 250VAC, 10A/ 30VDC, 10A/ 30VDC, 10A/ 28VDC
  • Size: 37 x 25mm

Step 1: Material Preparation

Picture of Material Preparation

In this tutorial, we only used the following materials:

  1. USB to UART FTDI Converter
  2. ESP8266 WiFi Serial Transceiver Module

and last but not least, ESP01/01S Relay Module.

We connect ESP8266 WiFi Serial Transceiver Module to ESP01/01S Relay Module so that we can control the relay via WiFi. To program ESP8266, FTDI Converter is required to be connected with ESP8266.

nagkiller made it!7 months ago
Great tutorial...

Can you please upload the code for me?the code on website not working at all
Rohan rai15 days ago
Does it need FTDI converter and how can I know the IP address ?
trxgt053 months ago
Thank you for this tutorial. With this and several other resources I got mine working with the relay module. I had issues getting the esp8266 to boot until I modded the relay board.

Also, the code does not set the IP to what you said. The router assigned what it wanted via DHCP. Good thing your code had the serial print out to see what it used.

My only problem now is the web page hangs and will not connect after a little while. When I reset the board it will work again for a bit. It doesn't matter how many time I turn on or off the relay while it is working. It just seems to be more time based like after a minute or two. Once it stops and the page no longer loads, I can still ping the IP. Any ideas why maybe the code is hanging up or something else is going on?
Explain to me how you fixed the energy blink of PIN 0 when booting and I help fix your problem or improve it still
hto1678 trxgt053 months ago
hola amigo buenas tardes serias tan amable de ayudarme que estoy colgado con la configuracion este es mi correo
gracias amigo.
steelcorsy23 days ago
I have a flickering energy when the module boots, do you can say me what I should to do? I would'nt like my garage door opened at every restart
skabens1 month ago
dear All

can you please help to set wifi ssid network in the esp8266 device connected to a relay board

could not set it with my smartphone with the ESP Connect App and the esp8266 smartconfig APPLICATION.

it doesnt detect the device

in my wifi networks, i can see the Farylink_0375DD wifi network of the esp8266 device as an Access point and can ping its adress

i see its adress but can't get to its web interface to set ip adress according to my network (i think it hasn't a web interface)

when i press the configuration button on the relay board it switches on and off quickly.

in my opinion problem comes from AccesPoint mode instead of Station Mode.

but i dont know how to switch to station mode. (dont have Arduino board)
can you please help ?
thank you very much for your support
Best Regards
Rickybk3 months ago
I have the ESP01 (Without S) and doesn't work, i heard that they are not compatibles, or maybe my DC supply is not enough, according with specs this relay requires 250mA is this true ?
wyoshio Rickybk1 month ago
I think a pull-up resister is required for CHPD pin.
YoottanaT2 months ago
In this relay module , how can I attach button switch to control relay too?
k-vov6 months ago
Good day! Please tell me which program you need to install on your smartphone to control the relay?

Добрый день! Подскажите пожалуйста, какую программу нужно установить на свой смартфон для управления реле?
trxgt05 k-vov3 months ago
All you need on your phone is an internet browser once the board is programmed.
rtootik k-vov5 months ago
Могу написать небольшое рабочее приложение (под iOS)
rtootik5 months ago
Specially registered on this site to thank you!!!