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Picture of Dual boot Libre ELEC and Ubuntu 16.1

My initial setup was a Zotac barebone that runs Ubuntu, connected to a monitor by HDMI and the sound through the analogue plug. By a long HDMI cable, a connection to the TV can be established for the use of full screen Kodi as a media centre. A wireless keyboard with mousepad ensures remote control while hanging on the couch.

The idea was simply switching the HDMI cable and go... but:

  • The TV showed 'no input' on the appropriate HDMI channel.De- and reconnecting the HDMI cable several times resulted eventually to display the video on the TV.
  • The sound has to be switched manually in Ubuntu from analogue to HDMI (and back after Kodi use).

This wasn't a plug-and-play solution for the family members, so I decided to install a dual boot environment with Libre ELEC and Ubuntu.

The web search for a clear step-by-step plan for this idea was disappointing. Dual boot instructables are very easy to be found for Windows as the main operating system, but unfortunately not for Linux.

So, it took several hours of web searching and quite some trial-and-error. I've listed the steps and decided eventually to share these. I presume a beginners Linux knowledge in this matter. Pictures are not taken during my installation, they ar just a reference and contains no real data.

Step 1: Install Libre ELEC

Picture of Install Libre ELEC

This is the easy part, download the app from Libre ELEC that alows you to create a bootable USB stick:

LibreELEC USB-SD Creator

Follow the instructions.

Start the device and enter the BIOS (esc / F2 / ... depends on the system). Change the boot device to the USB drive.

Installing is straightforward, just accept the defaults.

Reboot and admire the Libre ELEC environment.

chriskan226 months ago
Ηi , very helpful , pls send me an image of your partitions gparted analysis and pls tell me which are the flags of your partitions in order to check mine , thnks in advance
AlexisC1017 months ago
Hey Man!! thanks you a lot, I was looking for some solid confirmation about some guy that made that working. Just for reference I had some issues with UEFI, receiving some weird issue about the Grub installer that fail, but just disable that crap from the BIOS and start over again on "Legacy mode" with the Ubuntu installation. And change the "GRUB_DEFAULT=" to 4 to boot directly from the LibreElec instead Ubuntu by default.

Thanks ones again
SeamusC61 year ago

What partition did you put the bootloader on?

WimD16 (author)  SeamusC61 year ago

The bootloader is included in the Ubuntu installation. I suppose the files of the bootloader are in the root partition.

hsehdar1 year ago
If the article includes in how to make either of the OS default then it shall be complete.
hsehdar1 year ago
This is the top article I saw in Google search. The steps worked as expected on Elementary OS. Thanks.
seamster2 years ago

Good write-up, thanks for sharing this.