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Here is a smart project who's purpose is to throw money on someone's face if he's drunk enough.

To make it even smarter you can do as me and put some "bonus" bills to offer drinks or hugs to the people that make the box blow bills. This way, they should quickly end up at the hospital ! Just kidding here hey !

The box also contains a button to be able to manually send bills if necessary.

I think it's worth mentioning "PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY !"

This project really is borderline but its goal is not to put people into ethylic coma !
If you want to be smarter than me, just invert the way it works by throwing bills only if the people isn't drunk ;)

Step 1: List of Materials

Picture of List of Materials

Led matrix + backpack

Some wires

MQ3 gas sensor

DC Motor

Arduino UNO R3 board (or any other as long as you have enough pins)

PCB Board

MOSFET Transistor

22K Ohm linear potentiometer

One momentary push button

One Diode

1K Ohm resistor

Power supply : 6V min 15V max - 1A min 2A max

A box

Optional parts :

Paper to cover the box for a better finishing


Magnets for box closing

Velcro to fix paper on the box

I also 3D printed a plastic support to fix everything inside the board (mostly the motor and the arduino) but it's up to you to make something that fits your box.

Here is the 3D model for my box :

MakerMan2343 years ago

Please rename this to "hang over box"

Ok thanks
Oh I must have missed some steps cause you explain it pretty well i was wondering the rpm and voltage of your motor thought
Durss (author)  Pyro_and_projects3 years ago

It will depend on your motor.

The one i put here is 6180rmp and must be powered at 6V? Min max being 4.5V to 15V. I power it from the Vin of the arduino so it depends on the power given to the arduino. My power supply is 12V.

Just one thing, if i try to run it full speed it actually locks. That's why you'll see a :

analogWrite(motorPin, 200);

And not :

analogWrite(motorPin, 255);

I didn't dig to understand why...

I was wanting to make a money gun and was wondering more about the money motor cause u don't really say much here
Durss (author)  Pyro_and_projects3 years ago

Tell me more about what you wanna know because for me the product sheet the wiring and the code is all that matters but maybe i missed something :)

wilde one3 years ago

could you program thia as a breathalyzer that would only give keys back if you are NOT drunk?

Durss (author)  wilde one3 years ago

Oh... I really like that idea ! Way smater than mine :P !

It can definitely be done to do that. It would just be a totally different mechanism.

Also, it's a bit complicated to extract a coherent BAC value from the sensor. In my case i more or less simply considered that the higher the value, the drunker the person is. But the value isn't linear at all so it's not completely meaningfull.

Still i like your idea and will think about it, would love to make that !

Sgt-D3 years ago

so you put a shot of wiskey by a sensor & it spits out $$$$ Why? Don't we get to see the build ?

M3G3 years ago

Nice work, that's awesome!

Durss (author)  M3G3 years ago

Thanks :)