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Picture of Dressing THE BEAST

Once you have your lovely Belle taking care of her own attire, we turn to the issue of THE BEAST.

The complete costume involves:

Frock Coat
Fancy Vest
Poofy Tie
Lace Cuffs
(White Under-shirt)*
(Hairy Dog-leg Pants with Tail)*
(Mask and Claws)*

*not part of the official instructable, but shown for completeness.

You will need:
Finery from an old wedding dress or similar for the embroidery on the jacket.
Gold spray paint, navy spray paint
Gold Thread Blue Thread
Sewing Kit (pins, etc)

Today you will be instructed on an easy Frock Coat, and Fancy Vest

Step 1: History and the Basic Strategy

I had built these items about 20 years ago for a Mozart outfit, but have reworked the items for THE BEAST. Being 20 years older, the originals were a little snug, so I remade them for you today, but you will see two jackets, for comparison as I used my original for a template.

The Vest I installed some nice "fatso" panels, which will work with any shirt and especially helpful for men to use female garb which is on the smaller side.

The basic Strategy

The coat and vest are similarly constructed. Fold under the collars, slice the fronts on an angle, add details. Simple. I did all of it by hand in several hours, you can use a machine as desired.

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Awesome ! But where's the beast ?

This looks brilliant