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Working with pallet boards or reclaimed lumber can be a love / hate relationship at times. But you can often create some pretty unique looking projects with these materials. In this dog feeder station DIY tutorial, I will show you how pallet boards can be recycled and put back to good use. And it’s always a major win if we can recycle rather than cutting down another tree. Your pets will love it! Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Step 1: Gather Materials, Tools, & Supplies

Picture of Gather Materials, Tools, & Supplies

Tools Used:


Miter saw

Handheld metal detector

Carpenter square

Electric nail gun

Orbital sander


Materials and Supplies

Wood glue

Spay lacquer

Sharpie marker

Sandpaper 120 grit

Safety Precautions

Know your skill level and how to safely use your tools. Identify the hazards in your shop environment and wear your personal protective equipment. For this project, I used safety glasses and a respirator. For pallet disassembly, I highly recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands.