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Picture of Doctor Who Weeping Angel Costume

The Comic Expo was coming again and my Daughter wanted a new costume.  And who am I to say no to another Dr. Who costume.  This build took me three months.  If I had more time in the day I probably could have built in two to three weeks.  Before I started building this I searched the web for every picture I could find from the show.  I've attached a couple here.  This helped me get ideas on proportions and how it should look in the end.

One thing I will say before you start this build.  A hot glue gun is going to be your best friend.  I lost track of the amount of sticks I used.




Step 1: The Head Piece - Part 1

To start I dug out an old bald cap that was used on a previous build.  I wanted to make sure the head piece fit my daughter properly. Using a dummy head may be more convenient, but will make it difficult to fit later. Using the actual head that will be wearing it works out better in the long run.


I used Crayola Model Magic to create the ‘hair’.  I took small pieces of the modeling dough and rolled it into long tubes.  I then started placing them on the bald cap, one piece at a time.  I referred back to pictures from the show often to get the look I wanted.  Remember hair is not perfectly straight. Make it wiggle here and there as you place it on.  Some pieces will be longer, and some pieces will be shorter.  I used a lot of small pieces to make the front of the hair.  I connected them to the hair that ran sideways down the head. Now continue on placing the hair. I placed pieces at random, I didn't have a pattern, so I just winged it.  If I didn't like a placement, I'd pull it off and re set it until it looked good.

All the angels have a hair band.  Once I built up enough hair, I then made the band and laid it over what I had made so far.  I used a larger piece of model magic and rolled a long tube, just like the hair, but much longer and larger.  I then flattened it, and then placed it over the hair I already made.  Once it was on the head I used a normal dinner knife to make the pattern in the hair band, which are the two parallel dotted lines in the band.  I also used the flat back of the knife to make the hair part in the middle.

As you can see in the photos, there is lots of space you can see through to the bald cap.  These spaces will be dealt with later.

It took me two days to make the head as I ran out of model magic.  Do not worry if you have to stop and restart later.  The model magic will still stick to the hardening part.

I did have some older white model magic, but because it had already started hardening before I started using it, It didn’t turn out that well, nor did it stick to well either.  I didn’t like this version of the back of the head, so when I got new material I pulled off most of the white and re-did the back in the purple.  The colour of model magic you use does not matter as it will be painted later anyway.

Layering the hair will give you some depth. So don’t be afraid to overlap at any point.

Leave the head piece to completely dry.  Usually takes 24 hours depending on temperature, etc.

enigma222 made it!1 year ago
Second time I have worn the weeping angel outfit I made a few years ago and a lot of people were really impressed with it so me even saying it was the best outfit they had seen ! I changed the mask and got a vacuumed Dracula mask and painted it grey and sprayed it all with stone effect spray and superglued pieces of grey tights across the eyes this time . Thanks again x
Red5ive (author)  enigma2221 year ago

Fantastic! Glad my instructions helped you out. Thanks for the share!

enigma222 made it!1 year ago

I made the weeping angel costume from these instructions, I can't sew at all but I found the actual dress really straight forward and enjoyed every minute of doing it, I also did the hair which took time , I improvised quite a bit too the wings I actually bought angel wings with white feathers and just painted them grey and used a stone spray and glue to stiffen them all up and my boyfriend made cut a ruck sack up and used this to attach to the wings for them to be held in place. I wore this outfit on New Years Eve down in St. Ives a couple of years ago and got a brilliant response from people and will be wearing it again this year, thanks to your instructions I was able to make a fabulous weeping angel to the much delight of my daughter who is crazy on Dr. Who!

download (9).pngdownload (8).pngdownload (1).pngdownload (3).pngdownload (4).pngdownload (6).pngdownload (7).png
Red5ive (author)  enigma2221 year ago

That is Fantastic! Thanks for the share!!!

Red5ive (author) 3 years ago
Hi LornaM16,

Use a bald cap inside the headpiece to hold the shape after you apply the glue. Either put it on a foam head, or other round object, or even just wear it for two hours. The bald cap will easily peal out after the glue dries as the epoxy wont stick to the rubber bald cap very well. Hope this helps.

Thank you for providing all these helpful instructions to making this costume. When you were making the clay head piece did you experience pieces breaking off? I'm having the issue. Even 24 hours later the pieces are breaking off from the balding cap. Any suggestions to making them stick better? I did try the glue gun and they didn't work out too well either.

Red5ive (author)  Christie JamF4 years ago

So Sorry, I completely forgot to reply after reading your comment. The Bald cap was only used so that the Model magic wouldn't get into my daughters hair. Once the piece dried, I pulled the bald cap out and then used glue on the inside as I had the same issue. I used a Gorilla Glue, I think it might be an epoxy as it dries like concrete. Be careful if you use this stuff as it expands as it dries. If anything leaks through, painting should cover most things up. I'd love to see your finished costume.


Hi, I'm not sure if you'll see this because you made this costume so long ago but I wonder if you can help! I used these instructions to make a weeping angel headpiece out of model magic and I need to use glue to hold it together, but it says on the Gorilla Glue instructions to clamp the pieces together for at least 2 hours while it cures. How did you get your pieces to stick together? I'm not sure how to hold the pieces together while they stick, and to maintain the shape of the head

Thanks so much for all of this detailed information. I am in the process of making two of these for my two daughters and I have hit a huge obstacle with the headpiece - how are you getting it to hold together when you are not working on it? Just the process of removing it from my daughters' heads seems to tear it apart, and the weight of the "hair" just causes it to fall apart more (and lose its perfect shape) when we try to rest it on other things to dry. I know the package says it needs "overnight" to dry to the touch and 72 hours to completely dry - how are you doing it? Is she wearing the undried headpiece from morning until night? I had one complete "wig" that I was so frustrated I just balled it up and put it back in the package because after we took it off it was destroyed. Can you help me figure out where I'm going wrong here?

Red5ive (author)  HeatherT253 years ago


I bought a cheap Styrofoam head to rest the bald cap and head piece on while it dried. The Model Magic should be sticky enough to hold together, you just need something round(ish) for it to sit on while it dries. Once its dried, you may find that you'll need to put an epoxy glue on the inside to make it completely firm. Otherwise the individual rolled pieces might start separating. I hope this helps. Good luck! And I hope you share a picture when you are done!

aosteen3 years ago

My stepdaughter is about to have her Halloween made when I do this. Thank you so much for sharing!! She wanted to be Evie from Descendants, but the costumes are all sold out or super expensive. I can Goodwill and Hobby Lobby this for the most part and for much less than the first idea. She is a new Whovian and I know she will be thrilled, since the first episode she ever watched had the Weeping Angels.

Red5ive (author)  aosteen3 years ago

Thank-you! I'd love to see a photo of the finished costume!

aosteen3 years ago

My stepdaughter is about to have her Halloween made when I do this. Thank you so much for sharing!! She wanted to be Evie from Descendants, but the costumes are all sold out or super expensive. I can Goodwill and Hobby Lobby this for the most part and for much less than the first idea. She is a new Whovian and I know she will be thrilled, since the first episode she ever watched had the Weeping Angels.

What a genius idea! Can you tell me how this holds up to moisture?Looking to make this for a musical production and it needs to be able to withstand sweating from dancing...
Red5ive (author)  Sandrajamrock3 years ago

Since most of the costume that touches the body is fabric, it should stand up to moisture with no issues. The head piece could become an issue, but I think that if you coat the inside with the epoxy (which also makes it stronger) you shouldn't have any issues their either. The epoxy would stop any moisture from getting into the cracks in the Model Magic. Thanks for the interest! I'd love to see a picture of your finished costume!

you could also use hairspray...the lacquer in it will act as a barrier to moisture to when it dries...and its cheap

dales1stwife made it!4 years ago

I had a week to make this costume so I didn't get to go all out but used these directions to base my daughter's costume off of. I used a stone spay paint over everything for color and texture. Everyone loved her costume and took pictures. We arrived at our event to find that quite a few of the high school kids were dressed as Dr. Who characters and one had built a TARDIS complete with lights and sound. There was quite a large group (the group picture here are only my own children.)

Red5ive (author)  dales1stwife4 years ago

That is Awsome!!! Thanks for Sharing. What did you use for a mask?

An $8 devil's mask from Walmart. Used a Dremel to cut off the horns and rough up the shiny paint before spraying with grey primer and then a grey stone textured paint. The eyes and mouth already had a fabric mesh on them which took the paint well so I didn't even have to do anything there.

Thank you for posting these instructions. My oldest wants to be a Weeping Angel for Halloween this year. You've helped make it easy.
Red5ive (author)  kristi.rodrigue4 years ago

Fantastic! I'd love to see a photo when your finished.

jessonen4 years ago

now that you know how, here's what it's called.

halojr1174 years ago
Will Wheaton much?
doodlecraft5 years ago

So awesome! Great finished piece and super instructions! :)

Very nicely done, thanks for the write up. I have a few friends who are wanting to do the costume.

Do you know about how many packages/how much model magic you ended up using?
Red5ive (author)  fluffydragon5 years ago
I believe I used 3 to 4 small packages on the wings and 1 to 2 on the head piece. I bought a box, as its cheaper than individual packages, and I believe that will be enough for the whole costume.

Hey, did you ever had problems with the model magic cracking? The stuff we put on the wings is cracking like crazy.

Red5ive (author)  fluffydragon5 years ago

Yes the Model Magic cracks as it dries. You need to wait 24 hours for it to finish cracking and then fill the cracks with more Model Magic. Once the second round dries you can take a palm sander to it if you like to smoothen it out. I didn't bother as it looked more like stone when it was rough.

Awesome, thank you! my friend and I are thinking about doing matched angels for a convention next year. I'm not actually a dr. who fan, but she is, and I love to do group cosplays :)

Thanks again so much!
ALECIALLEY5 years ago

Really NEAT and Super Cooool Project

Hi! I'm commenting again to let you know we've started making our angels. And OMG.. the feathers. Making 2 sets of wings is killing me. We've already cut out over 100 feathers and I know we need more. I think I accidentally made a fourth row of feathers by overlapping them more than I needed too and now I'm stuck with the pattern.

I printed out your whole PDF and am making notes. The one thing I'm changing about the process is the harness. The friend I'm doing this with has back issues and I'm making us padded cloth harnesses instead of a wooden frame, and the frame has to break down since there's no way we can transport 2 full sets of wings as one piece each. I'm using quilt backing material for the straps, and I have hopes it'll work out.

Thanks again for your super detailed instructions, I'll post photos when we're done!

Red5ive (author)  fluffydragon5 years ago

Fantastic idea! I really look forward to seeing your improvements.

My wings took me two weeks just to do the feathers, so I feel your pain...

This is really neat! I am in the process of making a weeping angel costume myself and some of the ideas in here are sure time saving. Great work all around.

Red5ive (author)  dragonsaber105 years ago

Thanks! I'd really love to see your finished costume. Can you post a photo here when you are done?

mrrockzzzz5 years ago
If you put like sand in a paint mix it gives a more Stoney effect
marionpixie5 years ago
amazing. it looks so real. I wish I was that talented
poofrabbit5 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can’t wait to see if you win good luck!
Honus5 years ago
Fantastic costume and outstanding write up- well done!
I love your wing techniques :)
evacooper5 years ago
wow that is amazing! you are so dedicated!
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