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Picture of Deal/flick cards from a deck, with one hand
This is a method of dealing cards by flicking them off the deck with one hand. The hand position necessary for to perform the flourish is very similar to the natural dealing position, so it's easy to flick off a couple cards in the middle of your deal.

Maybe you only have the one hand. Maybe you want to show off. Maybe you're just too cool to deal cards with both hands. Whatever the reason, this is a skill that will elevate your status from card player to master card manipulator. Okay, maybe not. Still, it's fun to do.

(See the youtube video clip)

Step 1: Mechanic's grip

Picture of Mechanic's grip
Hold the deck of cards in your hand as if to deal. (Note: instructions are left-handed, but if you want to do this with your right hand, just reverse the directions.)

The thumb rests across or near the upper left corner of the deck. The index finger supports the cards by the top edge of the deck, and the remaining three fingers grip the deck on the right edge.

Experiment with the vertical positioning of the deck. Initially, I tried holding the cards closer to the top edge, so that the lower right corner of the deck stuck out of my hand. I later found that I was able to get more leverage on the cards (later steps) when I held it in a normal mechanic's grip (dealing grip).
ultradeath2 years ago
I can flick 2 packs of cards in either hand because I am ambidextrous but still cool though
FullmetalA12 years ago

I find it best to hold it between your index and middle fingers, first knuckle and throw it down

nuthara4 years ago


temery5 years ago
Actually I think I've seen that before. Still cool!
the_mad_man10 years ago
WOOT FOR LEFTIES!!! I'm left handed as well!
quartertone (author)  the_mad_man10 years ago
Actually, I'm right-handed. From what I understand, most card-folk use their "good" hand to handle/manipulate single cards, and their "off" hand to hold the deck. So most lefties prefer to hold the deck in their right hand for that reason. On the other hand (haha), most card manipulation instructions and videos are made by right-handed folk, so the deck tends to be held in the left hand. But either way works! I'm used to holding the deck in my left hand, so that's the reason for the way it is in the video. Thanks for reading/watching!
I heard that too. Thanks for this instructable! I showed and wowed my friends with it and can now flick cards up to 15ish feet!
same here
coolo527 years ago
this is really hard
Spycrab8 years ago
I might say 'dang, this is tough. are you sure you didn't edit the video with photoshop?', but i saw Adam Savage do it, so i know it's possible :)
coolo52 Spycrab7 years ago
i love mythbusters
Mattrox7 years ago
Thanks, Bro! Been wanting to learn how to do this for a while and it is not that hard either! Nice instructable.
NetReaper9 years ago
this is so tough
jamiec539 years ago
Cool instructable!
lobo_pal10 years ago
Great way to deal while playing with two decks, one in each hand.
iamjoe11 years ago
this looks really cool
thanx i dont think your the first to do this cause ive seen criss angel do something simalar
Krasen12 years ago
The video clip does not work :( When i click play nothing happends. when i click on screen and open youtube says This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request. and i culnd do the deal actually
quartertone (author)  Krasen12 years ago
Oops! Sorry about the video feed. It should work now.