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I have recently been asked quite a few times about how to make the vine garland backdrop that I created for our Skylander's party. When I was creating it, I thought about making a tutorial, but let's face it, in the throws of preparing for an event, I seldom have the luxury time to do anything additional. So, I kept the extra supplies in my nifty storage box knowing one day, I would have the time to create a quick tutorial showing you how you can make one too!

Due to the nature of the crepe paper, the wire wrapped inside each leaf really goes a long way to keeping the leaves looking "fresh". I would not recommend doing this a long time in advance. I did mine the day before the event and was able to leave it hanging overnight. It is a bit fragile and I would not recommend traveling with is one of those items best assembled in place at the location of your event.

Here are list of the supplies and resources where you can get them:


This backdrop would be perfect for any Jungle Book themed birthday party, a Where the Wild Things Are birthday party or even a Dinosaur birthday party.  The possibilities are endless!  So have fun and be sure to link up so we can see your masterpiece in action!
emkiwala6 years ago
LOVE this! I'm thinking of incorporating my fairy lights and pretty paper flowers to snazz up my room!
Nice! I love how you used the fold to make double leaves. This would also look awesome as a step by step Instructable :)
Thank you Penolopy! I will add that to my list to create! (smile!)