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My wife and I purchased a 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander recently to use as a beach cruiser. We chose this Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander because it fit our lifestyle (beach/island) and had all original factory parts. Also, it didn't have things we didn't want or need such as a lift kit, massive tires, and extravagant mods. Ultimately, we like the classic look of this YJ Islander.

We sold our street legal golf cart I built back in 2012 because we are tired of spending $1200 every other year on new batteries.

In case you didn't know, batteries are like children. They like to drain their energy, recharge, and repeat. Since our golf cart was parked for 7 months out of the year, we had to replace batteries very often. Also, we purchased our 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander for the same price as we sold our golf cart.

Jeep Interior Tub Rust for Jeep Wrangler

With only 99,500 miles on the 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander, the YJ Islander was in great shape with no rust on the frame. However, the carpet was nasty and the interior tub had rust along with small holes. Also, most of the rust was at the driver and passenger side floor board caused by 26 years of wet feet. After many hours of DIY spray bed liner research, I decided to install bed liner in the Jeep Wrangler interior tub. So, I purchased the Raptor Tintable Spray Bed Liner Kit (Beige) and got to work.

Tools and Material I Used

Below are the tools & materials I used to spray bed liner in my Jeep Wrangler interior.

Jeep Wrangler Interior Replacement Bolts & Screws

Step 1: Remove Everything From Jeep Wrangler YJ Interior Tub

Picture of Remove Everything From Jeep Wrangler YJ Interior Tub

Once summer ended, I parked my Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander in my workshop to prep for the DIY spray bed liner.

First, everything within the interior tub of my Jeep had to be removed. This included the carpet, front seats, rear seat, seatbelts, center console, side doors, rear door, and any other hardware I was unable to tape off.

Remove Seats and Seatbelts

To start, I removed the front seats and seatbelts.

I realized very quickly this project was going to take much longer than I anticipated. Why? Each bolt took me an average of 10 minutes to remove. More on rusted bolts in a later section.

Jeep Interior Carpet Removal

Once the seats were removed, I easily removed the carpet. The carpet was filthy and dry rotted, but it was held in place by adhesive strips and cut to fit the Jeep. Ultimately, the carpet can be removed with the seats in place just as easily as with the seats removed.

efoster611 months ago
Great instructable but the problem with these type of finishes if you are using them on the beach a slight scratch or crack in it will let the salt water in and you can't wash it of and it will create a hidden pocket of rust but they are great for everyday off roading
What would a good alternative be? I’d like to do this for my pickup.
I just use a fitted rubber mat that I remove and wash under regularly but it doesn't matter what you use you still have to keep a good eye and regularly clean and check my comment on this was because I have seen that sort of problem arise and if your not going in salt water a lot this would be a great way to do it
jeremyhoffpauir (author)  Errol19512 months ago
Definitely agree and great point. I love roughly 2 blocks from the ocean and salt air ruins everything if not cared for and properly maintained. I don’t get salt water directly in the Jeep, but salt air/mist is enough to ruin the Bedliner.

It has been almost a year since I installed the liner and I am very pleased with it.
good to see you love close to the ocean lol
jeremyhoffpauir (author)  Errol19512 months ago
Good to see you commented lol
jeremyhoffpauir (author)  efoster611 months ago
Very good point and thanks for sharing that information. I'll definitely keep an eye on that for sure.
gasling11 months ago
I wish I’d done that to my FJ-40. Just a thought, your’s is the right year but not the right model for a Jurassic Park Jeep. It’d look cool being on an island.
jeremyhoffpauir (author)  gasling11 months ago

:) - my son reminds me of that all the time. We live in Destin, Florida so I chose an Islander as it fits our lifestyle better. A Jurassic Park Jeep where I live would probably be more awesome, but I doubt my wife would agree. :)

I’ve enjoyed Destin a couple of times in my past. But just in case you see a T-Rex in the rear view mirror driving some of the deep backwoods roads.
jeremyhoffpauir (author)  gasling11 months ago
That’s a slick Jeep! My little Islander would definitely move aside for that bad boy.
rv7charlie11 months ago

Looks really nice, and a great idea. Here's a tip rusty bolts, picked up while working on a 50 year old tractor. The cheapest (and quite likely, the best) rust cutter is a 50/50 mix of regular automatic transmission fluid and acetone. I've seen lab tests where ATF/acetone worked better on rusty bolts than any of the commercial products. I keep it in a pumper oil can, and add a little acetone if it's been sitting a long time.

jeremyhoffpauir (author)  rv7charlie11 months ago

That tip is so awesome - thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me. I spent a few hours per day for an entire week prepping the surface of the Jeep. Without exaggeration, 95% of the time I spent on preparing the Jeep's interior tub for spray bed liner was spent fighting rusted bolts. I broke or severely damaged most of the bolts and I'm lucky I was able to remove them and reuse the same threads in the body. The only positive to the whole situation is I replaced every single bolt/screw with Grade 8 bolts along with the recommended torque for each of them.

Glad you find it useful. That's what sites like this are really about, right?

jeremyhoffpauir (author)  rv7charlie11 months ago
Absolutely! I tried your method yesterday while troubleshooting a clutch issue and it worked like a charm!!!
AdrianA9811 months ago

Good article and thanks for taking the time to write it. I shared this with our Jeep group ( and I'm sure there are lots of people who want to do this. I am using Monsta-Liner on my Jeep but I'm sure they are about the same product...

jeremyhoffpauir (author)  AdrianA9811 months ago

BTW, I'm not too far from you. I live in Destin, Florida and Slidell, Louisiana.

jeremyhoffpauir (author)  AdrianA9811 months ago

Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm new to the Jeep community and this was one of my first big projects outside of changing the radiator, front brakes, plugs/wires, and alternator. How is your Monsta-Liner holding up?

studleylee11 months ago

Very well done!! Video was great. I see lots of usage for this stuff in my projects. Thanks for the details on settings that worked for you.

jeremyhoffpauir (author)  studleylee11 months ago
Thank you! I’m glad it provided you with value.