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Picture of DIY Simple Pallet Speaker

What inspired me?

Pallets. What can't you make using a piece of wood and a few nails. The endless possibilities have resulted in sheds, pieces of art and many pieces of furniture. And I decided to mix it up a bit by creating a mildly easy pallet speaker. I wanted this to be a very rustic piece. I love to make basic phone holders as I believe them to be an easy way to develop hand processes such as sawing and sanding. I decided to incorporate this into the speaker to make it into a phone docking station speaker thing…I hope you enjoy the project and I hope you attempt it. Good luck.

What will you need?

-Pallet wood (either four pieces of at least 250mm or one long piece adding up to more than 870mm)

-Speaker kit

-Hole Saw 50mm

-8mm Drill bit

-4mm Drill bit

-5x 25mm screws

-File and sanding block

-Orbital sander

-Jig Saw

-Drill Driver

Step 1: Step 1 - Front piece

Picture of Step 1 - Front piece

First, I grabbed a length of pallet woof from the pile and measure on 250mm top and bottom after squaring one side up. I then drew a line straight down top to bottom to ensure a 90 degree line. I then found half way and placed my phone on this line, 20mm from the bottom. I traced around the phone and increases it by around 5mm. Once this was all marked out I then drew two circles on the sides of the length measured with a 90mm diameter circle. Using the jig saw, I began to cut each piece out. This left me with a single length of shaped pallet wood. I then found the centre of the circle and made a cross on both circle centres. I used a 50mm hole saw to then create two holes on these marks. These need to be smaller than the speakers.

nerchia2 years ago

Hi, I would like to know what you used to hook speakers to make it become usb attack

kit_walker2 years ago

Very Kool, How does it sound? I guess with the wood it would have a nice 'Timbre'!!