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Picture of  DIY reusable cozy for your cup out of vegetable tanned leather

My husband and I go out for coffee quite a bit, while we are running errands, and we noticed the coffee sleeve or cozy was not thick enough to reduce the heat and it wasn't reusable. So we decided to make our own out of vegetable tanned leather. This coffee cozy tutorial will show you how to cut, add a border, stamp, dye and finish your coffee sleeve. The included video shows all the steps as well.

Step 1: Step 2: Print and Cut Out

Print and cut out included template on card stock.

UdyRegan2 days ago
I would hate to see that cosy get wet.. Leather really does not do well with water or moisture. But regardless, it's a really lovely design and it's well crafted! I learnt a lot about the dying process and generally working the leather strip from this, so thanks!
AmieB4 days ago
Always looking for easy saleable things to make with my stash of leather! These are great! <3
AmyandTanner (author)  AmieB4 days ago
Thank you :D
TossManual4 days ago
This is a zarf, BTW: great scabble word...
This cozy looks great!
AmyandTanner (author)  Penolopy Bulnick8 days ago
Thank you so much Penolopy!