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Picture of DIY Reclaimed Pallet Shelf/Bottle Rack

Through this instructables, you will be creating a shelf/bottle rack made from recycled pallet wood. Pallets are a readily available source of free or almost free lumber. Check with local businesses that receive shipments, or look on your area Cragslist for pallets in the free section. The rough wood makes for a nice finish. This project can be completed using only hand tools and needs almost no previous experience in woodworking! Finish your project in a wood stain that fits your décor to add a rustic touch to any room.

Tools needed will be:

· A hammer

· Screwdriver

· Pry-bar

· Sand paper

· Hand saw

· Paint brush

· Gloves

· Eye protection

Materials needed:

· 1 Pallet

· Nails

· Wood stain

· Paint thinner/mineral spirits

· Dry wall anchors or other forms of hanging the finished product

Step 1: Acquire a Pallet

Picture of Acquire a Pallet

Get a pallet that is in good condition, this will make constructing the shelf much easier. Look for things like missing or broken boards, missing nails or extra nails and screws, and wood that is sturdy.

Swansong1 year ago

That looks really nice! I love the dark stain :)