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Picture of DIY Pocahontas Costume

This is a quick DIY on how to make a Pocahontas cosplay dress. My sewing skills are mediocre at best so this wasn't too complicated.

What you need:

White fabric (I used an old bed sheet)

Brown fabric (I used an old suede pillow case)

Tape Measure

Sewing machine


A dress to measure up against for size




Chalk or pencil


Step 1: Brown Fabric

Picture of Brown Fabric

I have always loved the idea of cosplay – especially as Pocahontas and when I recently came across a brown felt seeming pillow case cover, I decided that the time was finally right to create my outfit

cagrikanver2 years ago

Nice work, so gorgeous.

mdheath2 years ago
seamster2 years ago

Hey, this turned out really nice!

Despite my username, I'm not a great sewist . . I make costumes for my kids, and this is pretty much how I do it. I just jump in and go for it, and make adjustments along they way.

Nicely done, and a very good first instructable too! Welcome to instructables, it's a fun place to share your projects :)

Lady_Eglantine (author)  seamster2 years ago
Thank you so much seamster :)
I think jumping right in is the best way.
I would love to see what you make for your kids. I will check your work out.
And thank you for the lovely welcome. I hope I can create many more items in the future!