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Picture of DIY Pallet Shelf #2

What inspired me?

Not so long ago, I decided to make my girlfriend a pallet shelf due to her obsession with POP Vinyl's. so, I had a very simple, but effective shelf from three lengths of pallet wood I reclaimed. However, I needed a couple heavy duty shelves of my own for some tools. I decided to try again and make myself three identical pallet shelves. I love the natural wood look so I decided not to plain the lengths.

What will you need?

-Two pallet lengths that are more than 3ft.(if you want to make more than one shelf, you may need more)

- Eight 25mm wood screws

- A measuring tape

- A pencil

- A Ruler ( 300mm)

- A Wood saw (I used a chop saw)

- Files and sand paper

- Drill Driver

- 3mm drill bit and counter sink tool

Step 1: Step 1 : Marking Out the Pallet

Picture of Step 1 : Marking Out the Pallet

Before anything, I needed to deconstruct the pallet and acquire all of the useful pieces. Once all of the lengths were detached from the pallet, I began to sort through the lengths, deciding on which piece would be right for the shelf. Once I decided it was then time to measure and mark out the pieces that I needed.