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Picture of DIY Pallet Office Desk
desk 1.jpg

I'd always wanted to create a project using pallets and found the opportunity to make one a couple years back. I needed a desk for the office and was disappointed in the lack of style and design in desks at retail stores. This gave me an opportunity to be creative, which l relish.

Step 1: Sanding and Painting

Picture of Sanding and Painting
desk 3.jpg
desk 2.jpg
desk 4.jpg

The pallet was very old and some pieces were falling apart. I intended to take the pallet apart with the pry bar, but it was a lot of work and often broke pieces, so I switched to the Sawzall. I cut the bad pieces off boards and then laid the pieces out like a puzzle to see if I had enough usable pieces to complete the desk.Typically people have a design and measurements when they start, but I created my measurements as I went along based on how much desk top I had. Once I had the full measurements for the top I cut a piece of .75 plywood to sit under the pallet as a base.

I sanded each piece on the top and then started painting them different colors.I didn't worry about painting them perfectly and intentionally left spots without paint or light paint to give them the appearance of being aged.

Swansong2 years ago

That looks really nice! The stain with the white frame is pretty :)