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Picture of DIY Pallet Mono Speaker

What inspired me?

I have recently acquired a pallet, but with such a mass of projects completed, I assumed that I had used all of it, however, to my surprise, I had an extra length. In amazing condition. So, I decided to complete another, slightly better speaker project.

What will you need?

-A length of pallet wood, or any wood

-a 50mm hole saw

-jig saw


-4mm drill bit

-7mm drill bit

Step 1: Step 1 - Cutting

Picture of Step 1 - Cutting

First, I used the phone and speaker to decide on a length that I thought t be appropriate. Whilst doing this, I thought to add a curve on one side to make the speaker look a little more stylish. I decided upon a length of 200mm. I then added a 90 diameter curve on the left hand side. I needed four of these due to each piece having to case something else. I then placed the measurements ono the length and used a jig saw to cut each piece. I made sure not to cut on the line as this ensured I had something to sand away.

kode13032 years ago
No amp?

there are no dynamics