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I decided to do something "pretty" haha. What do you think? please help support my art by subscribing to my youtube!

Step 1: Fins

Picture of Fins
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First step was the fins on my face! First off I made them with model magic because it's a very light clay, then I took acrylic paint to paint them and while the paint was wet i did sprinkle glitter on top. Next I took some black body paint from Mehron and covered my ears, then i grabbed spirit gum and put that in front of my ears then tapped it tell it was tacky and placed my fins on top.

So neat! I love that you added gills too!

Hehe thanks!

Glad you are getting better, and gald you shared this with us. Thus, a BIG thanks.

MsMaoMaoz (author)  MichiganDave2 years ago
Thank you. =) I'm happy you're still liking my content! =D