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Step 5: Finishing Lightsaber Candle

Picture of Finishing Lightsaber Candle

Our Lightsaber candle is now ready. Check for the connection errors, if any. You can use any color LED and make the candles in various colors. This is a very quick and simple instructable project.

Few Possible Upgrades:

  1. Use a 3.7v Li-ion battery connected to a TP4056 charging module. The light will then work for many days and also can be easily charged using a 5v mobile charger.
  2. Use Two LEDs (in parallel), one at the top and other at the bottom. Both the LED's can be connected using a very thin enameled copper wire (so, the wire is almost invisible).

So friends, this here concludes the tutorial. In case you might have missed, watch the video and see how i made this simple Light Saber at home.

Make this simple toy and share your wonderful experiences in the comments section below.

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