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Step 3: Let's Begin - Make the Candle

Picture of Let's Begin - Make the Candle
  1. Take a Hot Glue Gun Stick and using drill machine, carefully make a hole at one of the ends.
  2. Insert a 5mm LED into the hole.
  3. Take a plastic bottle cap and make a hole at the center.
  4. Apply some hot glue inside the cap and attach it to the glue stick candle as shown in the image attached above.
  5. Take a 3v coin cell holder and solder wires to both the terminals.
  6. Apply hot glue over the bottle cap and paste the cell holder on the bottle cap.
  7. Solder the "-ve" terminal wire of battery holder to the "-ve" LED leg.
  8. Solder a wire to the "+ve" LED leg.
  9. Take a PVC pipe or a roll from food wrapping aluminium foil.
  10. Mark and cut a hole at the top half for fixing an On/Off switch.
  11. Paint the pipe using black color and let it dry for sometime.
Note: Refer to the above images and the video to understand the procedure well.