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I've played a few different paragliding games and always found the problem of what controls you use. Mouse and Keyboard aren't great as paraglider flying is very analog. It's kind of similar to a flight simulatior or car racing game, you need a joystick or racing wheel to have a great experience playing.

So, I decided to design and make my own. I had various concepts but ended up going for sliding potentiometer because they are cheap, compact and readily available.

Step 1: Gather Components

Picture of Gather Components

I started by buying an old (faulty) sound mixing table and salvaged all the components.

It had a lot of sliders pots and toggles and these would later come really handle for this and other projects.

a-morpheus10 months ago

that's really well done, also the explanatory video. Did you use Fusion360? Also, how did you animate the 3d modelling like you did, you know, showing the part, rotating, adding a new model feature, bevelling/chamfering it dynamically during the video recording etc. It sort of seemed like a playback of modelling history rather than a sped up screen capture of actual modelling operation.

agis6810 months ago

really very interesting. Can be use it that for thrust and brake in race games on PC?

Guzzi94810 months ago

Looks quite interesting, is there a wiring diagram?

schwibb10 months ago

What paragliding games are you playing? I wasn't aware of any!

paul dito11 months ago

I'd like to compile the arduino code. Where can I find "Joystick.h'?

Bandarra2 (author)  paul dito11 months ago
This looks very serious, like an advanced RC controller. GG!

Thanks, I've done a lot of RC before so it was definitely my inspiration.

tomatoskins11 months ago

What a cool controller! Thanks for sharing!

Bandarra2 (author)  tomatoskins11 months ago

Thanks :D