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Picture of DIY Auto Repairs: Rear Bumper Cover
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This past spring, while inside the grocery store, my husband was paged over the intercom because someone hit our car in the parking lot. The kid who hit the car [responsibility] tracked down my husband and they did all the proper info exchange. After going in for an appraisal, estimate, etc. the cost to fix the damage would have been over $800, $300 of which was just taxes. The bulk of the damage was done to the rear bumper cover. After a little research, it seemed like this was damage that I could easily fix myself---with the right parts.

This Instructable shows you how to replace the rear bumper cover on a Toyota RAV4. The method should work similarly for any year RAV4 and really, any vehicle.

If the process of replacing a car bumper (and this Instructable) seem ridiculously simple and easy, it's because it is.

Step 1: BoM

Picture of BoM
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Rear Bumper Cover Part Number: 521590R901 5215942912 (you can get bumpers pre-painted to match your car for $200-300)

Push-Type Fastener Rivet Retainer Clips Part: Ref# 52161-02020

Always double check the parts to ensure they'll fit your car.


Philip screwdriver

Ratchet/socket wrench

Body Clip Removal Tool or flat head screwdriver

It looks great you guys did a great job I'm a single mom in a lady hit me this past Valentine's Day the insurance company said she totaled out my car but she didn't I'm trying to fix it myself at the cheapest way possible I have a bumper cover for the front of my Audi A6 2006 that I recently bought brand new offline it cost me $250 but I need to get it painted because it's just black I see you guys just had a black bumper that you had to replace do you know anything about a place that I could take it to that's cheap to get it painted that's the problem I'm running into now because the bumper I ordered is black in my car is grey