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Picture of Custom Pick Up Truck Bed
My dad and I built him a custom flatbed for his 2000 Toyota Tundra out of wood. Neither of us is really tooled or experienced in working with metal so once the change is mad from the metal of the frame to the wood , then the construction is much the same as building a deck. and it is easier to repair , and just plain cool

Step 1: Cut Off the Old Bed

Picture of Cut Off the Old Bed
First we needed to get rid of the old pick up bed. this one had some major rust spots and big holes in the fenders and the bottom of the bed itself, this is one of the reasons my dad wanted to replace the bed. On the 2000 Tundra there were six bolts that needed removed they were so rusted on there and we did not care about reusing or trying to save the old bed so we just cut everything off with an angle grinder. In order to break the bed loose from the frame we just placed a floor jack under one side then the other pressing up until the bed was loose, then since we had access to it we used a cable and tractor with a front bucket to life the bed off.
fzumrk1 year ago

If anyone else is going to try this, I'd recommend adding a layer of rubber roofing or other material between the pressure treated lumber and the steel truck frame. The chemicals used in the pressure treated lumber are corrosive to steel.

gm2801 year ago

I always said, where there is a will, there always is a way. Interesting project. Let us know how it works out over time.