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Picture of Custom-Made Wax Candles (Cast using Sugru Moulds)
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This Instructable will show you how to make your own Birthday Candle Mould, so that you can cast all sorts of wax shapes, and use them as party candles - including Lego Minifigures!

I recently finished a detailed Instructable on Casting Objects in Sugru. I found that it is possible to cast Pewter into Sugru (a hand-mouldable silicone putty): First you make a wax mould, and then using a technique known as a 'lost wax process', create a second mould for casting the Pewter copy into. The result was a pretty cool Pewter Lego Minifigure.

However, as is often the way in doing creative projects, the 'journey' is as enjoyable as the destination: Although I'm very pleased with the Metal Minifigure, the wax cast was fun too - and I was somewhat sad to 'lose' these colourful lego guys to a 'process'. I thought that it'd be nice to make one into a candle - so added a wick to the wax cast - and the candle worked first time! I shared a quick .gif animation I made of this, and people liked it...

So, this is a fresh Instructable, specifically showing how to mould detailed lego minifigure candles, or if you want to start simple - first try moulding a lego brick. They both last about 20mins and look great any any cake!

Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need

Stuff you might need to buy:

Stuff you probably have:

  • Scraps of Card
  • Scalpel (showing 12D blade - but any will do)
  • An old metal dish/pan for melting (note, it will not be good for cooking afterwards!)
  • Lighter/Matches


  • Not shown - heat-source. You can either use a stove, or a gaz burner. I did see that you can apparently microwave Soy Wax, (by Yaley), but have not tried it yet. Please Post/let me know if you do try this!
  • Be Safe: Take care with hot wax. I suggest waring protective gloves, and goggles, as wax can 'spit' if overheated or if any water comes into contact with it. In the event of a fire - don't use water, use a fire-blanket or sand.
hflorman4 years ago

So cool. I voted on you!

Hope you win.

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jackowens4 years ago

Great tutorial! Instructables needs more great detailed tutorials like these

Hey Jude (author)  jackowens4 years ago

Thanks...I guess I enjoy detailed tutorials from others, so feel compelled to do the same... A sort of instructional-karma, if you like!

mchau23 years ago

This is awesome! Now, mayba a mold for lego cakes also!

ashleyjlong4 years ago

Excellent idea for making cakes personalized. Great photos too!

Hey Jude (author)  ashleyjlong4 years ago


Very cute. Voted.

Hey Jude (author)  sabina delpinoh4 years ago

Cheers :o)

Very nice. Good luck in the contest.

Hey Jude (author)  CFMinecrafter4 years ago

Thank you!

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sabu.dawdy4 years ago
Love your idea
Hey Jude (author)  sabu.dawdy4 years ago


I love these!

Hey Jude (author)  mactothefuture4 years ago


Enjoyed your 'Spunky the Dog' Xmas decoration - takes me back to one of the most disturbingly warped/wonderful cartoons of my childhood, possibly only beaten by Ren & Stimpy. (I have no idea how those were allowed to be shown at 6pm to kids.)

Raitis4 years ago

This is great and the instructable itself is top notch. Have my votes and admiration!

Hey Jude (author)  Raitis4 years ago

Thanks you!
Really liked your POV Tool Cam!

Coolloom4 years ago
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Hey Jude (author)  Carleyy4 years ago

Yeah...these ones were... this one "The Burning Man", not so sure.

Burning Man R.gif
Hey Jude (author)  Hey Jude4 years ago

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