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Picture of Creating an Android Emulator using Qemu

As a part of an academic research I've done during the last summer, I have created an android operating system emulator on a Linux computer using Qemu. After installing the Android emulator, I am able to use the Android system as if I were using a Android smartphone; I can surf the internet, listen to music and play games of the Android system. I find this project very interesting and the Android emulator is a fun to play with, thus I will show you how to create your own Android emulator on your computer and I hope your will have fun doing so.

Note: I did this project on a computer with Linux Ubuntu operating system, hence all my instructions may only apply to Ubuntu machines. The general concepts should be applicable to Windows systems using VirtualBox or VMWare, however, I don't know the specific steps for Windows machines.

Step 1: Step 1: Installing Qemu

Picture of Step 1: Installing Qemu

Qemu is a hardware virtualization software that obscures the actual physical hardware specifics of the machine from the higher level software programs. Such virtualization software, Qemu, enables the installation of different operating systems without the operating systems being directly linking to the hardware machine. This ability presented by Qemu is crucial to the creation of an Android emulator on a computer. Smartphones and computers are similar in that they both have CPU chips to process information, however, with the differences physical dimensions between the two devices, their CPU chips are not the same in terms of architecture. Just like cars and airplanes, while they all have engines to power their movements, their engines are not the same. With different CPU architectures, a smartphone operating system can't be directing installed and used on a normal computer.

Since we are creating an Android emulator on a computer instead of installing one on a smartphone, we'll first have to install Qemu on our computer; Qemu allows us to run an Android operating system image on our computer. Installing Qemu is easy; just type in the "sudo apt-get install" as shown in the picture above in the system terminal, the system would then automatically download and install the Qemu project for you. If you're not login to your machine as the root user, the terminal would prompt your to enter your computer password before the installation.

MiguelM1511 year ago

Thanks for the how to, i suggest you to improve it adding that you can Instead of write a script use virt-manager (or sometimes gnome boxes) that is more graphical and final user oriented, and it will improve a lot the article if it is added.

AbDuCt3 years ago

Is it possible to fix the mouse input so that we don't need to click and drag to move it? I haven't found anything on their website about the issue. It makes using the VM cumbersome.

FroggZ3 years ago
Thanks for showing us how it's done!
Im surely gonna try it.
wold6303 years ago

Thanks for sharing this!