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Picture of Circuit-Bent Big Mouth Billy Bass
Remember those fake fish mounted on a plaque that flopped about and sang "Take Me To The River" and "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? Well, here's your chance for revenge.

The idea for this project I owe to Tom Koch of His Billy BASStard inspired me to crack on of these bad boys open and find my own bends. View the original here: Enjoy!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

1. 1 Big Mouth Billy Bass in working order
2. 4 C-cell batteries
3. 2 SPST toggle switches
4. 1 Normally Open momentary pushbutton switch
5. 1 output jack of your choice: 1/8", 1/4", RCA, etc.
6. Solder, soldering iron, wire, clippers, something to drill holes with
bumhooler5 years ago

SO GOOD! I modified the fish too... now it's just a plastic robot and fish head.

This works really well. My board was a bit different but it's easy to figure out where A, B, and C are if you have a basic understanding of boards (good to look it up before soldering anything). Beware! The photocell is pretty sensitive and I ruined mine (dont try to pull it out of the case with pliers haha).

yizi8 years ago
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hncaldwell13 years ago
Did he say "pink macaroni"?
yes he did i slowed down the play speed and he said pink macoroni
lmao i think he did!
pfred1 armageddon12 years ago
You mean this part of the file? Enjoy!
harry889 years ago
poor fish i think he swaloed a dog whistle
lindu889 years ago
This is AWSOME......
you know me12 years ago
he said pink micro banana?
i heard it too *very scared*
Lance13 years ago
Hey Dosher, this project looks awesome, and I'm actually interested in doing something similar. What connection in the Billy Bass's circuitry lets you bend the pitch with just a variable resistance? I'd love to add a couple photoresistors to that loop machine you made so i could de-tune the loop as it's being played back. I would have emailed you but yours isn't listed :) Mine should be, though, so if you want to drop me a line i'd really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!
dosher (author)  Lance13 years ago
Hey Lance, glad you liked the project. For variable resistance, you can put a potentiometer in parallel with the photocell, or have a SPDT switch that selects one of the two for use. I believe that the resistor that the photocell currently bridges is 300k, but I may be wrong, so make sure to check out the value on it to get an idea of what size pot to use. Good luck!
Hellchild dosher12 years ago
I cant watch the video it says "this page cannot be found"
starphire12 years ago
Although melting holes in plastic housings is smelly and so should only be done in a well-ventilated area, it should not do any damage to your soldering iron tip. Just be sure to clean it off thoroughly after you're done, while it's still hot. I've used abrasive pads in the past, but you have to be careful not to remove the thin plating that's on some of them. I've since found that a dry paper towel works just as well, followed by a wipe on a damp sponge.
pfred112 years ago
Save some bandwidth download this MP3 of the wavfile
HA HA Love IT, I detest those things (drive me nuts) have you got a curcit mod for "Tickle Me Elmo"? I'd love to see the expression on my daughters face if Elmo sounded like Rob Zombe
I am thinking that this would be a sweet project to incorporate one of the those old yak bak voice recorders or a cheap-o tape recorder. Then you could customize song and/or what he says. You could also make some mini mix taps for him. Use the output jack to plug him into an amplifier with speakers and make him into a jutebox! The possibilities are endless with this guy! It will be fun to try some of this out!
Grant Fair13 years ago
Extensive information on modifying your Billy Bass, including the song sung, is available online at Circuit Cellar Ink. There's a completely viewable copy of article originally published in the magazine:

areafour13 years ago
Is it possible to change the audio to a different song, or someone elses voice? I'm thinking, if there is a way to secretly record someone (ahead of time) then have it come through your added speakers.
nospleen13 years ago
I can only imagine doing this to one of those new talking deer heads...:-)
dosher (author)  nospleen13 years ago
Oh god. I think I have a new project.