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We use oven cleaner that cost 1,12€ to clean the rims with perfect shiny results, like a professional. It takes less than 10 minutes and it is very easy. Citroën Berlingo 2017 alloy wheels are cleaned.

You just need: Oven cleaner A buck of water Old t-shirt I bought the oven cleaner in Mercadona (Spanish version of Walmart, Tesco, Aldi).

Step 1: Clean the Wheel With Water and Old T-shirt

Picture of Clean the Wheel With Water and Old T-shirt

Clean the wheel with water and old t-shirt

DonaldW674 months ago
Do not do this unless your rims are steel, it will strip off clear coat from rims
Lorddrake1 year ago

does the oven cleaner have any adverse affects on the rubber of the tire? I know in the past there have been some cleaning agents that would cause the rubber of the tires to dry out and crack.

CrazySurvivalSt (author)  Lorddrake1 year ago

I do it once a year and I do not perceive any damage on the rubber, plus you change the rubber every 2 or 3 years. I wouldn't do it every month, also it is not necessary.

codeslayer1 year ago

Oven cleaners affect aluminium even if you leave them for just 10 minutes. This means every time you do such cleaning procedure the surface will become more and more dull.
I had a aluminium baking tray and tried to clean it with an oven cleaner. I ruined it by leaving the cleaner just for about 20-30 minutes applied. I admit it could have been too long for that tray but doing it repeatedly for only 10 minutes will probably end in the same disaster.

Wear eye protection. Oven cleaner is usually very caustic and can cause serious eye damage. A pair of glasses should do the trick.

RobR21 year ago

I tend to over do things, but when I clean my wheels I remove them from the car and start with doing the inside of the wheel,then do the lug holes with a toothbrush, this goes from a clean car look to a fresh restoration level clean!

tercero1 year ago

Thanks. Never thought of using such an unorthodox approach. It's just sodium hyroxide after all. I'd use gloves myself as it's kind hard on the skin, but outside of that. Brilliant idea.

Thanks again.

Barrie, Ontario.