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Picture of DIY Cheap Fishing Leaders
"Leaders, what are leaders?" Leaders usually are 9-15 inches long,  and are used for fishing for toothy fish like Northern Pike, Muskies, Spanish Mackerel and a variety of other fish to prevent them from cutting through the line. But as with most things its better quality and cheaper if you do it yourself.  So today I am going to show you two different ways to make leaders for freshwater, and light salt water use.  

Step 1: Leader #1- What you'll need

Picture of Leader #1- What you'll need

       1.      One foot of wire between
                 20 and 50 pound test.
       2.      A snap and a swivel or a

       3.     Two sleeves the size to
                match your wire diameter.

       4.      A wire cutter.

       5.      A crimping tool, or a very 
                strong pliers.

note: I always have had trouble picking the right size snap to swivel when making leaders.  Then it hit me, why don't I just buy snap- swivels, remove the snap from the swivel and voila, perfect factory match.  But the only thing is that the end of the snap that's connected to the swivel is crimped down shut.  So all you have to do is take a very small regular screw driver and open it up, un-snap that side, slide the snap swivel out, re snap it, and fold it back with a needle nose pliers.     

Lorddrake6 years ago
great job
artlife6 years ago
Hi Jon, Welcome to instructables. I think you would have more views for this instructable if you had a different photo as the top photo. I was hesitant to look at the ible because from the photo I thought it was spam selling the leaders in the photo.
You might try;
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