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Picture of Car Phone Mount Using PVC

Despite of the handful of infotainment systems and hands-free features our car offers, most of us have that uneasy feeling of incompleteness when we cannot use our phones during our daily drive. Of course there are available car phone mounts sold everywhere but sometimes their designs are just not what we want them to be. I have looked for many models but I haven't seen one that met my preference in terms of design and ergonomics, specifically on where it is to be mounted. I don't want to attach it to the air vent nor do I want to mount it at an awkward position and be an obstruction. That's why I designed and created my own mount using simple things like PVC! You can start from here and then modify it to fit your requirements.

Things I used:

  • 1/2 PVC Pipe
  • 1/2 PVC elbow
  • hose clamp
  • suction mount
  • cushion for phone (I used a badminton racquet grip tape since I have extra just lying around. You can use cloth or electrical tape. Plenty of room to be creative :-D)


  • handsaw
  • screw driver
  • measuring tape
  • oven toaster (I don't have much tools yet so I got resourceful)
  • chopping board (go figure!)
  • pot holder

Step 1: "All Hands on Deck"

Picture of

So basically this car phone mount has three parts - the Hand, the Arm, and the Elbow. We will name them as such so that it will not be hard identifying each part when we go to the step-by-step process. Each part also has a function. The Hand "holds" the cellphone. This is where your phone will be inserted. The Arm, like our arm, connects the hand to the elbow (duh!). And lastly, the Elbow. This is where the suction mount is clamped. So with these three parts come also three easy main steps!

Do you have any test video of anything that you shot with this?

JezouaA (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos1 year ago

Hi there. Yup, we took a video after reading this. We'll edit the instructable putting the link so everyone can take a look. Thanks.

3366carlos1 year ago

I like it. Is it safe to mix kitchen appliances and project stuff?

JezouaA (author)  3366carlos1 year ago

Haha, so far we're okay. But then for added safety, I wrap the tray that comes with the toaster with aluminum foil (I'm serious with baking :-D) so that if ever something melts when heated, that foil may catch it. Cleaning is easier this way and possibility of cross contamination is reduced. But then I still recommend using the right tools if you have it.